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Summer Sports Doc Series

Summer, at least according to the calendar and not to mother nature, is upon us tomorrow. The NBA finals and CWS will be over within the next week, and baseball will be heading into the MLB All-Star break soon. Unless you are into watching re-runs of Sportscenter or the 2010 Pool trick shot competition, the TV won’t be cutting it until we watch Michael Phelps swim for gold in London.

I need to fill that gap. “But with what, Taylor?” I’m glad you asked. Sports documentaries!

We are all familiar with ESPN’s award winning ’30 for 30′ series. “The Two Escobars” was amazing! “The Marinovich Project” was quite intriguing. “Roll Tide/War Eagle” made me still dislike both teams. But since no new ESPN docs will hit the TV screens until the fall, I began looking for other sports documentaries.

With that, I am proud to announce the Summer Sports Doc Series! Every week I will be watching 1 movie and be posting my comments, remarks, and ideas about said videos until July 27th. 5 movies, 5 weeks. Easy task.
Here’s where your help comes in. I have posted the first 2 documentaries below. Why don’t you watch them with me and post your opinions on them as well. It’s a book club, but with movies, and we meet on the internet. No reading, no traveling, no costs (except time)!

This first one can relate to OKC being in the finals and with me living in Seattle currently.

1. Sonicsgate: Exposing the truth behind the Seattle SuperSonics’ tragic exodus after 41 years in the Emerald City
Date of post: June 25

A movie not so much on a sport, but a topic that can be found in all sports.

2. Bigger Stronger Faster*: a 2008 documentary film directed by Christopher Bell about the use of anabolic steroids as performance-enhancing drugs in the United States and how this practice relates to the American Dream.
Date of post: July 2

After these 2 the gates are open. If you have any ideas let me know. Some of my other choices are ‘Undefeated’, ‘Bobby Fischer against the world’, ‘Dogtown and Z-boys‘, ‘The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters’, and many others. Keep in mind I’m looking for videos that everyone can access (preferably no torrents but we will see) Let me know!

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