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Nebrasketball vs. Hastings

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I love Doc Sadler so much, he will be my icon.

Not much going into this game excitement wise. Last exhibition game. Hastings college is in the GPAC conference, and the last time we played them was 50 years ago.

Result: Nebraska wins 71-39

-Standhardinger is a boss.
18 points, 7 rebounds. Nebraska is going to miss him during the next month and a half. (For those who don’t know, Christian transferred over from a German amateur league who paid players. Although he didn’t get paid, he has to sit out until Big XII play starts.) His play is very unique, and has a lot of heart and soul on the court. He will only improve with strength off the court.

-1st half.
We actually struggled with Hastings for the 1st half. Being down 11-4 was scary for a while until we actually got a hold on things. We went 11-28 in the 1st half. I hope that this isn’t a reoccurring theme here, or else we are in for some big trouble. We still need to work on executing set plays.

-Other things
Better passing than last week, except for when we would try to throw it into the tall man at the brick. Even though we have all this height, it still seems like we can’t take control of it. The 2nd half really clicked on shooting, going 72% from the field. Hastings shot a total of 98 2 and 3 pointers over the whole 40 minutes, only making 19 of them. McCray and Jeter were the only other players to get into the double digits.
I would really like to see the starting line for the next game to be Ubel, Diaz, Jeter, Henry and Richardson. Since we use more of the 3 guard – 2 forward approach having at least two beastly figures in the post would be good.

Next game is against South Carolina Upstate on Saturday, which I will not be attending. I will be at the Nebraska Kansas football game.

box score can be found here.

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