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Best of the 2000s

As you know, the 00s are almost over, and I still have no idea how to describe them (the ohs doesn’t sound as good as the nineties.). I can’t believe that this decade is already over. Seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the new millennium and worried about the Y2K bug.

Anyways multiple ‘best of’ lists will be created within the next two months, and I’m sure Me and Wes will make lists as well. I wanted to share with you some lists I found on the internet

As you look at the lists keep in mind:

1)Complex is primarily a hip hop magazine
2)I don’t know what their guidelines were on ranking certain topics
3)Complex is primarily a hip hop magazine
4)Keep in mind this is over the past 10 years.


While I agree in some aspects, I disagree in others. A hit and miss if you will.

(I’ll save you some time if you just want to know the number 1s. #1 album – Jay-Z The Blueprint…#1 movie – Anchorman… #1 viral video 7 year old kid goes on joyride

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